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Abacus Marketing was founded in 1985 by Jan Sager, a charismatic salesman with a special knack for creative design, incredible customer service, and successful promotional campaigns. He was passionate about helping brands build lasting relationships with their clients.


Stefanie Sager

A self-proclaimed pen snob, but growing up with swag will do that to you! Stefanie enjoys working with our clients old and new to encourage them to think outside of the box. She’s also in charge of the “paperwork” so let her know if you need anything from a copy of an invoice to a paid CC receipt.


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Bev Sager

Bev has been an integral part of Abacus since Day 1.
Her primary focus then was accounting and operations. Her current focus utilizes her artistic leaning: She expertly wraps and preps custom packaged and fulfillment projects.

She enjoys painting, gardening and Candy Crush.

Josh Sager

As a favorite middle school hobby, Josh sorted and filed swag catalogs at Abacus. Ah, the good old pre-internet days. Now 2 decades later, he revels in working with clients to create custom promos that recipients love and brands can grow by. He specializes in business development, client service, and graphic design.


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Employee of the Month.

A longer-term visionary, Ada rarely misses the forest for the trees. Still, her attention to detail and daily productivity maker her the employee of the month for the 6th straight month.

Keep up the great work!

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